Hi, thank you for dropping by my blog site. I’m YOU, the Khmer with a Travel Bug. I’ve had this domain for sometime already although I just use it for my personal email. I realized though that I could start a blog and share something. The hard part now is deciding on what to blog about. Until my wife pointed out that I have tons of travel photos ‘gathering dust’ in my hard drive, so why not talk about my travels and share those photos?

So that lead me to this..my little travel-photo blog. First off, a little background info. I am a teacher by profession and I teach mostly science subjects and my field of specialization is Chemistry. I work for one of the biggest and oldest universities here in Cambodia. This post has allowed me to seek advanced studies abroad. Seeing and learning about other countries while I was studying has fueled a desire in me to travel and discover more. Not just other countries but also to learn more and explore more of my home country- Cambodia.

Now that I have finished my studies, I am fortunate enough to stumble across work-related travel opportunities and I also frequently join student tours all over Cambodia.

I would love to hear from you. Please send me an email thru my Contact page.