Interesting Koh Kong Figures and More

Last year, April 2010 I joined a group of my students again for a community service. These noteworthy students call themselves KYGM or the Khmer Youth Goodwill Mission. Composing of young Cambodian students, their aim is give goodwill by helping their fellow Cambodian students in far flung areas and also to educate themselves culturally and historically. Traveling to be more familiar with the Khmer culture and to see what the beautiful countryside is all about.

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Our destination that time was Koh Kong province located at the southwestern portion of Cambodia and adjacent to Thailand. This province is noted for its natural sites, lonely stretches of beaches, National Parks, islands, mangrove etc.It is also often referred to as Cambodia’s Wild West but recent changes to the city and province, I believe is making it now shed this image.

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I had been to this province on several occasions already, but I still find its natural beauty fascinating. Another different thing about this trip is a short visit Wat Neang Kok. This is located somewhere in between the Koh Kong Bridge and before reaching the Had Lek border. Definitely not on the average tourist trail but I found myself fascinated by the interesting statues lining the shores and also the rock formations.

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  1. The rock formations and statues are fantastic! I’ve been to Koh Kong on two occasions only and this must be what the locals were telling us about. If only we took heed. I wonder if these have been made by an ethnic group in Koh Kong some generations ago? Interesting!

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