Interesting Statues in Baguio Botanical Gardens

One country where I lived in is the Philippines. In fact, I lived in┬áManila for almost a decade! And my in-laws are from there. So I got the chance to travel there in a lot of places and I bet I will be visiting it more times in the future. It’s like a second home for me now.

My family likes visiting Baguio City, Philippines. It’s located in the northern part and in the mountainous region. In fact, the city is actually sitting on top of some mountains. It’s pretty interesting to visit because the location is different, the weather is cool, and the culture of the Igorots is refreshing different.

One popular tourist place in Baguio is The Botanical Gardens. And what really caught my eye? The giant statues of native Igorots.

Baguio Botanical Gardens - Statues


Baguio Botanical Gardens - StatuesMy daughter posing with one..

Baguio Botanical Gardens - Statues

Me. And my daughter refuses to pose with me. She picks her nose instead. Cute.

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