Random Street Scenes in Daejeon Korea

It has been awhile since I have made any updates to this blog. I had been swamped with work and some travel so here I am a few months late. My photo archive is brimming full of photos I hardly know where to start sharing. ┬áSo I’m just going to be random. I love taking snapshots of scenes, everyday, street scenes. It allows me to have a feel of the place I visited and take home that impression with me when I go home.

Daejeon Korea Street Scenes

food kiosks. travelers grabbing a bite.

One of the recent trips I made was a few days visit to Seoul and Daejeon City Korea. It was my first time to visit Korea and I was impressed. In a way that the place made a lasting impression on me. It’s a busy, progressive, colorful country. And they have a very distinct culture and national identity that its just a pleasure to observe and learn more about their culture.

Daejeon City Korea Street Scenes

busy commercial areas. shopping and food all around.

Daejeon City Korea Street Scenes

My visit was just a short working one, but it was a fascinating glimpse at this Asian country on the fast track to being a world economic powerhouse.

Daejeon City Korea Street Scenes

It’s also a very hip place, and I observe young Koreans to be very fashionable and expressive.

Daejeon City Korea Street Scenes

These are some photos I took while strolling the streets of Daejeon City.

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